elicit, v. (ɪˈlɪsɪt) To draw forth, bring out, evoke or educe something that is latent or potential in an individual.
insight, n. (ˈɪnsaɪt) The act or result of apprehending the inner nature of things or of seeing intuitively.

We love the mingling of these two words. So many things can do it too – elicit insight, we mean. Mainly though, it’s people who are the instigators. And, of all the mediums through which insight can be elicited, our favorite form happens to be the kind generated by the written word.

Isn’t it interesting that insight is something that is either given or received, rarely imposed? It seems to us that once embraced, insight has the ability to enhance a person’s perspective, world-view, and behaviour. Thus, to be able to elicit insight is a fantastically marvelous thing!

Matthew & Joy Steem share not only parents, but other things too: especially an appreciation for listening and relating ideas about beauty and what it offers. This might be due to an upbringing where interaction between family and nature was welcomed and where the home itself was a place that encouraged gentle thoughtfulness towards individuals as well as ideas. In any case,  they quite enjoy exploring and discussing an assortment of thoughts and concepts. And while topics might sometimes tend to disperse into ramblings, they usually fall back into the familiar orbit of most their conversations: the role of the humanities and arts in our evolving culture.

When their noses are not planted in the pages of books (sometimes ones that smell of finely aged dust, mildew, and must), or various writing projects, they quite enjoy helping clients stylishly craft ideas into words. Otherwise, Joy & Matthew can be found roaming through treed areas, cooking creative concoctions, or knitting the odd story.

They like to think of their collective education (MAs in English Literature (Queen’s) and History (Trinity Western University)) as a handy accoutrement for the previously mentioned vocation. It seems other people think so too! Their writing can be found in White Gulls & Wild Birds: Essays on C.S. Lewis, Inklings and Friends & Thomas Merton, Converge Magazine, Christianity Today’s Her.meneutics, Altarwork, Mythlore, along with their regular contributions to Relief Journal: Art and Faith Unbound and Off The Page.