The Problem of (Talking About) Pain

My friend died yesterday.   Grief sometimes has a way of wafting through the cracks of our chambers and lying in wait. A dark heaviness. A soundlessly creeping shroud that descends upon us and subdues our senses. An impenetrable presence… Source: Off The Page – The Problem of (Talking About) Pain

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Sister Nature

“Oh yeah, Christians totally hate the environment. You didn’t know that?”   I overheard this statement after Tolkien’s The Hobbit, Part One was released in theaters, and it bothered me.   Tolkien’s rich, imaginative work, along with his beloved hobbits… Source: Off The Page – Sister Nature

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Think Little

It’s a little bit passive-aggressive, I suppose, but I enjoy scandalizing my mom. My most recent attempt involved the statement, “I was reading an excellent Playboy article the other day…” When her bespectacled nose wrinkled up a bit, I continued… Source: Off The Page – Think Little

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