Think Little

It’s a little bit passive-aggressive, I suppose, but I enjoy scandalizing my mom. My most recent attempt involved the statement, “I was reading an excellent Playboy article the other day…” When her bespectacled nose wrinkled up a bit, I continued… Source: Off The Page – Think Little

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Sins of Omission

There are a few situations in my life for which feelings of near overwhelming disappointment with myself make me wince. Recollections of these failings appear on the projector screen of my memories from time to time, and I am smitten… Source: Off The Page – Sins of Omission

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Cut by Coleridge

While writing on such a grandiose personage, it’s hard to not aspire to touch on a great many magnificent things. And what numerous numbers there are! Ashamedly, I have not read much Coleridge before. I knew of him historically speaking, and what he was known for and with whom he hob-knobbed, but I had read […]

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